Rolling Stock

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When I started collecting US style cars I bought what I got in my hands no matter which railroad, style and manufacturer. I think many beginners makes this kind of error. After years I'm now more "picky" and as others I want the very special cars like the limited editions of Harald Freudenreich's beautiful rolling stock, the fantastic laser cut wood kits cars from Rob Ray, the one of a kind stuff from Tim Buehring or Gerd Kurz, just to name a few.

I'll fill many more galleries in the future to show you some very unique cars.

Gallery 1

The first 3 photos shows some AZL Bethgon coal porters, the next 3...

Gallery 2

The first 6 photos shows more of the PS2 hoppers from Freudenreich...

Gallery 3

Of course I'm proud to have some very unique Centerbeam cars in my collection...

Gallery 1

Isn't it fantastic how different a weathered car appears? Almost all cars here...

Gallery 2

Of course my all time favorite it the TTX High Cube car with the "Kevin we miss...

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